Sketch-booking has become a crucial part of my identity as an illustrator. My sketchbooks allow me to experiment and express my feelings, interests, and imagination all in one place to reflect on later. I have kept sketchbooks since I was a child, which allows me to see how I have grown as an artist and how I have grown as a person. 
Pivotal moments in my life have been captured in these pages. Some sketches remind me of what I have suffered and have since overcome. They allow me to take a step into my past self and feel what I felt in those moments. I also capture the little moments in these pages, treating the pages like a scrapbook and stuffing memorabilia in between the pages. 
More recently, I have been documenting songs that I enjoy and lyrics that ring in my ears. There is evidence of how my music taste has evolved and even how my handwriting has changed. This exploration has allowed me to connect with my Graphic Design career, as the experimentation with type and hand lettering has begun to drift into my design work. ​​​​​​​
These sketchbooks are like a diary to me... but here I am sharing them on the internet. So, in reverse chronological order, though I will spare you my embarrassing childhood drawings, here is my collection of sketchbook work.
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